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A bilingual marriage officiant can add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony

Les vœux bilingues

Your family is from Ontario, his family is from Quebec, the friends you made in Chile wouldn't miss your wedding for the world, and your nonna just announced she is flying in from the old country!

When your guests don't all speak the same language, how do you make everybody feel welcome? You invite a multilingual Officiant to perform your ceremony, of course.

As a graduate of the Toronto French School, who grew up in a multicultural community speaking several languages at home, I can write and perform your ceremony in any mix of English, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Greek, or Latin. I also offer a lovely selection of wedding readings and poetry in these languages.

If you would like a portion of your ceremony in a language other than those listed above, and can provide the translation yourself, I would be happy to learn the correct pronunciation and deliver a ceremony that honours and reflects the diversity of your wedding guests.

Instead of simply repeating your entire ceremony in two languages, I can help you seamlessly blend together two languages into one ceremony that does not involve too much repetition or constant translating. You are also welcome to invite a guest to recite a poem or literary passage in a second language—welcoming a friend or family member into your wedding ceremony is a great way to honour somebody who really cares about you.

“Differences of habit and language
are nothing at all
if our aims are identical
and our hearts are open.”

— Aldus Dumbledore,
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
 by J.K. Rowling

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