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Traditional or whimsical. Formal or casual.

Your wedding day is all about you and your style.


As a professional writer and experienced public speaker, I can inspire and support you in creating a unique ceremony that is meaningful to you. You have total freedom of choice in the wording. You can choose from the samples I show you, or create something original—it's your wedding.

Do you have a special theme in mind? Whether you wish to pepper your ceremony with lighthearted Star Trek references, or share a spoonful of Nutella as a symbol of the sweetness of life, we can do that! Tell me what you like and I will deliver a beautiful, memorable ceremony written just for you.


On your wedding day, your family and friends will witness a one-of-a-kind celebration of the warmth and precious values that bring the two of you together.

Unique Themes

Set phasers to fun!

Who knew being a wedding officiant can mean a dual role of baseball umpire, NFL referee, Star Trek captain, or Dumbledore? If your idea of wedding vows is rolling a natural 20, let's make your dreams a reality. I now pronounce you Player 1 and Player 2.

Bilingual Ceremonies

Des vœux bilingues? Bien sûr!

Not all your guests speak the same language? No problem! Your wedding is the beautiful fusion of two cultures and, as a multilingual officiant, I can perform your ceremony in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Greek, or even classical more

Destination Weddings

Stress-free legalities

When planning a destination wedding, you have the option of getting an Ontario marriage licence signed before you leave. I can help you take care of this quickly and inexpensively, providing certainty that your marriage is legal in more

Family Unity

Creating new traditions

Weddings are a wonderful way to bring families closer together. As you each bring your own heritage to this union, you can also create new traditions together! Ask me about family unity rituals such as sand blending, inviting loved ones to perform a reading, and special roles for children and pets.

Multicultural Customs

Honouring your ancestry

Canada is a land of people, from all over the world, who have joined together in the spirit of nation-building to weave a rich tapestry of ancient cultures, customs, languages, and wisdom. I would be delighted to help you create a ceremony that honours your past as you celebrate your future.

Marriage Vows

A solemn commitment

Many couples ask me if they can write their own vows. The answer is: "Yes, of course!" You can write your own vows together, or keep them a surprise until your wedding day. If you prefer, I've put together a selection of vows from which you can choose something that is personal and meaningful to you.

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