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Concerned over the complexity and legality of out-of-country ceremonies, many couples are registering their marriage in Ontario before departure

Bon voyage, but...

It has always been your dream to get married at a winery in Tuscany or on a beach in the Caribbean. And who wouldn't love that? The sun, the pristine setting, and an all-in-one wedding and honeymoon. It's perfect!

But as you may have learned already, many foreign governments impose unusual requirements such as a statement of parental consent, or single-status reports, or authorization from that country's embassy or consulate before you leave Canada, or a mandatory waiting period, or two separate religious and civil ceremonies, or even a pre-marital blood test performed at a local clinic after you arrive. (Canada has no such requirements.) It is also common in certain countries to take advantage of foreigners by demanding a bribe, or simply making up nonexistent fees for unnecessary services. The details get complicated and the costs can add up quickly.

In rare cases, couples who rely on a vacation resort for advice later discover that the resort's officiant was not actually licensed and that their marriage was never legally registered—a legal quandary that can be extremely difficult and expensive to resolve after returning to Canada.

To avoid any uncertainty, many Canadian couples are choosing to take care of the legalities, here at home in a private ceremony, before departure. As an Ontario-licensed officiant, I can quickly and inexpensively give you the peace of mind that comes with registering your marriage in Ontario.

All you have to do is obtain a marriage licence from City Hall, and then call me. I will arrive at your location, perform your ceremony, and legally register your marriage with the Ontario government all in on the same day. This can take place at your home, in a park, at a restaurant, or even in the departure lounge at the airport! Afterward, you can relax and enjoy the destination wedding of your dreams.

One question I am often asked: “Which date will be our anniversary?” Most couples choose to celebrate their anniversary each year on the date their destination wedding ceremony takes place (not the date they sign the legal paperwork), because the actual day you exchange vows in front of your friends and family is much more meaningful and symbolic. The choice is completely yours!

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